Monday, October 21, 2013

Why, When and How I Started to Coupon.

Hi :) my name is Jaime aka LilCouponBug

Here is my story about when and why it all started with me and looking back I wish I would have started this 2 decades ago lol.

My husband had surgery on both of his wrists for severe carpal tunnel syndrome and had been off work for 3 months.  He is a Butcher and his hands primarily support us.  I am on permanent disability due to physical issues and other reasons. Finances are extremely tight as you can imagine and I was trying to think of ways that I can save or make money to contribute to our income that I can do when I am physically able to do so.

In the beginning of October 2013, I went to Walmart to purchase groceries and the lady in front of me had a whole bunch of coupons and a huge amount of groceries.  Her total was ridiculously low compared to the amount of groceries she was walking out of the store with (I am sorry, I don't remember the amount exactly she spent and saved).  I asked her if she would consider telling me how she did it and could I give her my email.  She said yes and the cashier did the same thing.  I wasn't trying to be rude asking, I was just very curious and hoped she would consider just pointing me in a good direction. I kept checking my email and NOTHING ever came.  I was dissapointed :(

I had heard of the "Extreme Couponing" and was curious if I could do it too!

I used to be a "Buyer" as my previous career so I definitely got the purchasing down! lol.

I was laying in bed at night with my beloved Nexus 7 Tablet and I looked up Extreme Couponing on my Kindle App :)

This is what came up 1st:

A book called "Pick Another Check Out Lane, Honey"  I laughed and saw that it was only $4.39.  So I bought it and started reading :)  This book is wonderful and cheap!

here is the authors website:

then I started getting excited and went on Netflix on my tablet and started watching episodes of "Extreme Couponing" (there are only 3 seasons)

that was a saturday night around the beginning of October 2013.

Sunday morning I went to the QT and picked up 4 newspapers for coupons.

That was the beginning of my journey.

I have been couponing now a couple of weeks and have been asked several times how did I do it?

I promised myself that if anyone ever asked me how do I do it if I was successful I would help them!

Hence beginning this blog :)

please check back for more updates coming soon as I am compiling what I have learned and what NOT to do.. things I have learned the hard way unfortunately!


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