Monday, October 21, 2013

Before You Start - DO These things and DO NOT DO These things!

After you start learning and figuring out how it is done you will want to start signing up for websites, facebook groups, freebies, surveys to earn free things, store savings cards and apps on your computer, tablet and cell.

I learned these things the hard way right away.  Do NOT make the same mistakes I made you WILL regret it!  trust me ;)

1.) Sign up for a seperate email address.  I like gmail because I use the Chrome Browser and everything is linked ;)

***If you DO NOT do this you will be flooded with spam***

2.) Sign up for a seperate Facebook account for your couponing.  If you don't your personal feed WILL be flooded.

3.) Sign up for a Google Voice Phone Number.  It's FREE and it has voicemail and the sites you will sign up for information or freebies may require a phone number.  If you DON'T do this you WILL get a constant flow of solicitation calls all day long.  Um YA learned that one the hard way!  We had to change our home number.  I felt really stupid about that mistake!

after you sign up for your gmail account search google for google voice then sign up ;)
fyi a gmail account is required

I STRONGLY suggest you do all of the above before you get started.


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